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In- and outdoor riding mirror for the highest standards

The most important consideration for qualified riders is the safety for you and your horse. Our unique DIAMOND SYSTEM® meets this requirement completely due to its unbreakable and shatterproof tempered crystal glass. The in- and outdoor DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirror has proven itself over many years and is characterised by high-quality materials, distinguished workmanship and exemplary easy handling.

Up to what width is the DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding arena mirror made of a mirror glass?

Up to 6 meters wide without joint


Why can the DIAMOND SYSTEM® guarantee such a high level of safety?

The steel-ball test proves that the impact resistance of our mirror walls is six-times greater than the one of a conventional 6 mm mirror wall.

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Can the riding mirror for the outdoor use also be mounted on an installation device provided by the customer?

On-site installation device for exterior riding mirrors

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How can the riding mirror be cleaned?

The DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirror can be cleaned like a window pane.

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How high are the DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding arena mirrors manufactured?

Individual height of the riding arena mirrors.


Why is the frame of the DIAMOND SYSTEM® riding mirrors made of wood?

Wood is the ideal construction material for tension-free framing

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Can the riding mirrors be mounted in a tent hall or an arena with windbreaker nets?

The DIAMOND SYSTEM ® riding mirror can be installed in all kinds of riding arenas.

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